Science Shop InSPIRES Spring School in Tunisia

Science Shop InSPIRES Spring School

As part of the European InSPIRES project, Institut Pasteur de Tunis and the University of Lyon are organizing a spring school about Science Shops.

This school is addressed to a French-speaking audience. Its ambition is to create links between academia and civil society (represented by organizations, associations or collectives working on societal issues) around the concept of participatory research. The purpose of this training is to explore the means of producing socially useful knowledge that can lead to significant social change.

Description and objectives

The spring school will take place at Institut Pasteur de Tunis, April 22-23, 2018.

It is addressed to people wishing:

  • to give more societal impact to research by working with and for communities, learning educational concepts and good practices that break down the barriers between science and society.
  • To be supported in the setting up of science shops in their institutions, in the development and improvement of skills and knowledge of participatory methods to engage in the co-creation of projects between Science and Society
  • To learn about the concepts and practices of science shops, participatory research and Open Science

Spring school target audience

  • Ph.D. students and researchers
  • Practitioners, mediators working in academia
  • Members of associations, non-governmental organizations, non-profit collectives

Number of participants

30-40 people

Needs Assessment Survey

If you are interested in participating in this school, please answer the various questions hereThe purpose of this survey is to collect the proposals of potential participants on the program of this training so that it can best meet their expectations.