Science Shop project’s: Inspiring Stories

A speechless collaboration: Deafness in Tunisia

Hearing Impairment (HI) is one of the major health problems worldwide. The 2014 national census reported that 37% of the Tunisian with disabilities (2.3% of the whole population) are children; among them 16% have auditory disabilities. Despite several efforts made so far for better childcare, the absence of communication between the various stakeholders dramatically impacts […]

October 3, 2019

Nadia Zitouna, Science Shop Project coordinator.

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Like learning to fly

“I felt like I was flying!” an interviewee nods repeatedly, eyes wide open, reviving the moment in which she lifted both feet off the ground and the bicycle – the most efficient mechanical device designed for transport – took her swiftly down the gentle slope of the public square where she was taking a cycle […]

It’s urban, it’s garden… It’s an Italian Science Shop

By Giovanna Pacini and Franco Bagnoli The term “urban garden” combines two words that, in the common language, have opposite values: the idea of the vegetable garden is linked to the countryside, whereas with urban we normally refer to the cities and in general to the industrialized areas. The theme of urban gardening is the […]

February 14, 2019

Giovanna Pacini and Franco Bagnoli

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Giving back to the community a summary of the results: CEADES Chagas Science Shop (Phase III)

In Bolivia we spent the whole month of December, 2018, giving back to the community a summary of the results of our three Science Shop studies carried out by master students in Chagas disease. We organized events in five different contexts: civil society of Punata (a province nearbye Cochabamba), health staff of Punata’s hospital, students […]