Noticias y comunicación

15 January – Join the InSPIRES webinar: A framework for Science Shop processes, results of a modified Delphi study

Date: 15 January Hour: 3.30 pm (CET time) Speaker: Eduardo Urias, Assistant Professor at the Athena Institute (VU University Amsterdam).    The InSPIRES EU project is delighted to welcome you to join the webinar named ‘A Framework for Science Shop processes: Results of a modified Delphi study’ that will take place the 15th January at […]

Hasta 1.101 vidas salvadas al año por abrir las calles de 15 ciudades latinoamericanas a la actividad física

Un estudio solicitado por la Fundación CiclóPolis, CER Promotora de Movilidad Activa y la Unión de Ciclistas BiciUnión (Ecuador) a ISGlobal-Proyecto InSPIRES estima que, en 15 ciudades latinoamericanas, las llamadas ciclovías recreativas (calles que uno o más días a la semana se cierran temporalmente para el acceso vehicular) podrían prevenir anualmente 1.101 muertes prematuras gracias […]

1 October – Join the InSPIRES webinar on citizen science

The InSPIRES EU project is delighted to welcome you to join a new webinar on “The many practices of citizen science – Citizen science, citizen social science, and extreme citizen science in public health”. The invited speaker is Dr Alexandra Albert,  a social researcher based in the Extreme Citizen Science (ExCiteS) research group in the Geography Department at University College London (UCL).  This […]

InSPIRES connects with Citizen Science H2020-SwafS project REINFORCE

With the firm belief that public engagement needs no borders, our Science Shop project proudly address its community to introduce the Citizen Science project REINFORCE. After a glance at the project’s intense scientific and communication activity during its first months of work, it is possible to declare, as we have done in the past, that […]

14 May – Join the InSPIRES webinar on Open Science: the dimension of stakeholder engagement

Date: 14 May Hour: 15-16h (CEST time) Speaker: Michela Bertero, Head of International and Scientific Affairs at the Centre for Genomic Regulation in Barcelona, EU-LIFE representative in the European Open Science Policy Platform and coordinator of the H2020 Project ORION on Open Science. The InSPIRES EU project is delighted to welcome you to join a new webinar on “Open science: the dimension […]

The International Conference on Research with Community Participation will be held in Bolivia

The CEADES Foundation in Cochabamba, Bolivia, as a member of the InSPIRES consortium, invites the university community and interested researchers to participate in the International Conference on Research with Community Participation, to be held in Cochabamba, Bolivia, April 6-8, 2020. The main objective is to spread the concepts and methodology of Research with Community Participation […]