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Nature-inspired therapeutic approaches – New research agenda setting process in Hungary

At ESSRG in the frame of the InSPIRES project, our overall objective is to generate dialogue among the relevant sectors and prepare a novel research agenda on green care services, therapeutic approaches which integrate the power of nature. In Western and Northern Europe green care is an emerging sector, whereas, in Hungary, this concept is […]

marzo 13, 2018

Janka Horváth and the ESSRG team

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InSPIRES first webinar dedicated to RRI

It’s not only about selecting or “mapping” different stakeholders, is not only about involving researchers or recruiting students, “the challenge is engaging them in the process, making them feel empowered to play their part”, said Dr. Pim Klaassen to the auditorium of InSPIRES project’s first webinar on the topic of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) […]

A cup of coffee “After the End of the World”

(Setting by engineer and artist Natalie Jeremijenko, Estaciò Ciutat, CCCB) It was heavily raining on that Saturday and was yet not sure that we would be able to maintain our event of the day after. But on Sunday, November the 5th, we woke up to a clear blue sky. Although it was cold outside, we […]

diciembre 17, 2017

Anne-Sophie Gresle, Leonardo de la Torre Ávila

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InSPIRES Project: New communities invited

InSPIRES partners are working to implement their Science Shop projects “Our people is happy when we ask them to share their experience”, says Hichem Ben Hassinne, Institut Pasteur de Tunis. Through an on-line form in French and Arab generated with Tunisian NGOs and released a couple of weeks ago, this InSPIRES partner has already collected […]

Co-creation, Collaboration, Community: The InSPIRES Kick-Off Meeting

The words projected on the wall were big, and getting bigger. A few minutes earlier, we had been asked to think about the topic “Science Shops 2.0 Co-creation. Collaboration. Community. The words projected on the wall were big, and getting bigger. Innovation. Change. A few minutes earlier, we had been asked to think about the topic “Science […]

InSPIRES Brings Together Scientists and the Public to Tailor Research to Social Needs

A new project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme for the next four years Half of all Europeans are interested in developments in science and technology, according to the Eurobarometer report Responsible Research and Innovation, Science and Technology published in November 2013. This high level of public interest presents an opportunity for the […]

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